Tourist attractions

The Kusatsu Tourist Guide




Well-established store, which lasts form Edo.

Matsuri Seaweed Store

A museum along a street.

Ohta Liquor Shop – Dohkan

A sake brewery along a highway

JC Kusatsu Vege Center

Melon cultivation under a warm climate.


Beautiful and calm glass factory


Advance Ohta

Rock Bay Garden

Can experience farming easily and support people who starts agriculture.

Museum Shop – Oideya

Matsuri Old Established

A museum along a street.

Furukawa Liquor

Handmade Sake in traditional way.

Tsukemonya Ishii

Traditional Japanese pickles in Kusatsu city


Selling Gourds which were used as bottles to put water and liquor in.

Japanese Candle and Incense – Taiki

A Japanese candle and incense specialty shop near Kusatsu-Juku Head Quarter

Asano Meat

Best marbled beef with special flavor and smooth texture.

Sennen no Kaori – Senkien

SAKIMURA Liquor Shop

Sophisticated sake which was made under the history and tradition of Kusatsu.

Green Plaza – Karasuma

Kusatsu Aobaha Institute

Aobana, which is being looked over that it contains components which suppresses the rise of Blood glucose level.

Japanese Sweets – Ubakamochiya

Famous for Ohmi specialty “Ubacamochi”


Rustic taste unchanged from the past for over four hundred years!

Ayuya no Sato

Enjoy “Lake Biwa Gourmet Resort” with a grand view of lake shore of Lake Biwa

Lty 932

One-minute walk from JR Kusatsu station east exit

A Square


Ohmi Pottery Institute

“Kusatsu-Yaki” in modern days

Kusatsu Pioneer Farm

Shiroya Kimono Cloth Store

Kintetsu Kusatsu

Lty 932

One-minute walk from JR Kusatsu station east exit

A Square