Tourist attractions

The Kusatsu Tourist Guide



Kusatsu River Park

A park with full of green which is located at a higher altitude than ordinary houses.

Yabase Kihan Park

A facility where a family and a group can comfortably spend a day.

Rokuha Park

A park where a family can enjoy throughout a year.

Botanical Garden – Mizu no Mori

A botanical garden with nature of Lake Biwa


Lake Biwa Museum

10-meter long tunnel-shaped water tank is a masterpiece.

JR Kusatsu Station

20 minutes from Kyoto, 50 minutes from Osaka. Large city located at south of Shiga.

Rock Bay Garden

Can experience farming easily and support people who starts agriculture.

Kusatsu Yume Honjin

A facility which can be used for meetings, events, and work-shops!

Kusatsu Aobana-kan

The place where producers and consumers meet.

Green Plaza – Karasuma


Comfortable space near JR Kusatsu station east exit. The combination of Japanese garden and café.